7 Best 49 Inch Curved Monitor in 2023

best 49 inch curved monitor

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Confused which one is the best 49 inch curved monitor for gaming, home, office work then check out this guide.

A large size curved monitor is the best choice for multitasking, gaming, and for other computing work. The main reasons are, you will get a wider viewing space and a more immersive viewing experience. Monitor that has a large display increases productivity and also the best choice if you don’t like a dual-monitor setup.

If you are looking for a gaming monitor then go for that monitor which has a great refresh rate, response time. FREESYNC technology is also important for a smooth gaming experience. For reading documents and large spreadsheets, a monitor which has high pixel density is the best choice for you. Pixel density is the ratio between screen resolution and size. The higher the pixel density, the display result will be sharper.

After doing many hours of research then we shortlisted the best 49 inch monitors present in the market. In this guide we also discuss the pros and cons and each monitor, so you can quickly know which monitor is suitable for me. If you mostly sit for a longer period of time in front of the monitor then we recommend that monitor which has good eye care technology.

1. SAMSUNG Odyssey G9 (Best Curved 49 Inch Monitor)

49 inch curved monitor


Looking for the best 49 inch monitor for gaming purposes then this is one of the best choice for you. This Samsung monitor comes with amazing gaming specifications and it is also a good choice for other work. First discuss its gaming specifications, it has a super-fast 1ms response time and comes with a 240 Hz refresh rate that why this monitor is mostly liked by gamers. Due to its excellent response time, refresh rate, eliminate the motion blur, ghosting.

This gaming monitor support FREESYNC and G-SYNC technology eliminates screen stuttering and tearing. It comes with 1000R curvature gives you an amazing immersive viewing experience and minimizes eye strain. The display quality is awesome and has a DQHD resolution which delivers you incredible detail and sharp image quality. The aspect ratio is 32:9, so you can easily work on multiple windows at the same time.

This large monitor gives you an excellent contrast ratio, so delivers the deepest blacks and comes with Samsung QLED which gives you pixel-perfect image quality. It has a 125% color space and included an HDR 1000. In terms of connectivity, it comes with plenty of connectivity options and the design is excellent having narrow borders.

Final Verdict

This monitor is best for gaming purposes and also a good monitor for reading documents. The gaming specifications are excellent and gives you an immersive gaming experience. The pixel density is good and offers you a good contrast ratio. The panel type is VA not IPS but overall best good value for the price.

  • Clear display result
  • Excellent refresh rate
  • 1ms response time
  • Curve is great
  • Great value for the price
  • No built-in speakers

2. LG 49WL95C-W

best 49 inch curved monitor


If you are looking for a 49 inch curved computer monitor for your home, office work then why not this LG monitor. It has a 32:9 aspect ratio, provide you more horizontal space which is ideal for large spreadsheets because you can view more rows and columns at once. This monitor has 5120 X 1440 pixel screen resolution and the display result is outstanding.

You can connect multi-devices to this monitor because it comes with a dual controller, so you can view content from two devices at the same time. It has an ambient light sensor which makes the screen darker in the dark and brighter in bright areas. Its curved design is good but it has an average contrast ratio.

The panel type is IPS, so the colors are awesome as compared to other panel types such as TN and VA panels. It comes with excellent wide viewing angles, so no matter from which angle you look at the screen colors and image quality remain the same. The stand is ergonomic allows swivel, tilt, height adjustment and you can comfortably adjust the stand according to your need. This IPS monitor comes with a 99% SRGB color gamut, also a good choice for designing related work.

Built-in speakers are included with this monitor and support HDR 10 content. The refresh rate is only 60 Hz and the response time is 5ms, so not a good gaming monitor. USB type-c port comes with this 60 Hz monitor and has easy-to-use on-screen control.

Final Verdict

Overall this is one of the best 49 inch curved monitor for work and reading documents. It gives you crisp image quality and sharp details. The colors and wide viewing are great and it has an ergonomic stand. The design is awesome and it has narrow borders, minimize border distraction. It comes with plenty of connectivity options but not for gaming purposes.

  • IPS panel
  • Clear display
  • Accurate colors
  • Best for home and office work
  • Picture-by-picture feature
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Average contrast ratio

Comparison of LG 49WL95C-W with SAMSUNG Odyssey G9

Both the monitor gives you excellent display result and come with a good curved design. LG 49WL95C-W has an IPS panel while Samsung G9 comes with a VA panel. So the wide viewing angles and colors accuracy of the LG monitor is good. In terms of contrast ratio, Samsung monitor is best. For the office work go for LG monitor and for gaming Samsung monitor is a good choice.

3. Asus XG49VQ

large curved monitor


This ASUS 49 inch monitor comes with some good gaming specifications. It has a super ultra-wide display, provide you the same viewing space as 2 side-by-side 27-inch monitors. It comes with 1800R curvature gives you the best immersive viewing experience. This ASUS monitor has good display results and has an excellent contrast ratio.

Now coming towards its gaming specifications, the refresh rate is 144 Hz which gives you a smooth viewing experience in fast-paced games and it has a decent response time. This 144 Hz monitor has RADEON FREESYNC technology which also gives you smooth gameplay. Game plus technology is also included so you can improve your gaming skills.

On this monitor, you can comfortably sit in long gaming sessions because it has Asus eye care technology. Its blue light filter minimizes the blue light emissions and flicker-free technology prevents the flickers. You can mount this monitor on the wall and the stand is ergonomic. Its tilt adjustment range is from -5 to 20 degrees, the height adjustment value is 0 to 120mm and the swivel value is +16 to -16 degrees.

Connectivity options on this 49-inch ASUS monitor include 2 HDMI, USB 3.0 ports, and having a 1 display port. It also comes with a built-in cable management option, so you can neatly organize different cables. Some other features are, it comes with built-in speakers, and the brightness value is 450 CD/M².

Final Verdict

This monitor has a good curved design and comes with a high refresh rate. Its FREESYNC technology works well and comes with a decent response rate. The stand is ergonomic but its wide viewing angles are not impressive. So if you are looking for 49-inch gaming monitor which has height adjustment and having eye care technology then this is one of the best option for you.

  • Plenty of good gaming features
  • Eye care technology
  • Ergonomic Stand
  • Contrast ratio is good
  • Colors are not great
  • Average speakers

4. Acer EI491CR

best 49 inch curved monitor


If you want a monitor for multitasking and gaming purposes then check out this Acer monitor. It is a great value for the price and gives you a smooth viewing experience. The curved design has 1800R curvature, so less scrolling is required and it comes with 3840 X 1080 pixels screen resolution.

This curved monitor provides you comfortable display results but the panel type is VA, so you won’t get a wide viewing angle as the IPS panel. The contrast ratio is higher that’s why you will get the deeper blacks. For multitasking, this monitor is a good choice due to its picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-by-picture (PBP) functions. You can easily do the settings from the menu and it comes with a quantum dot display and having a 90% DCI-P3.

This 49 inch monitor has a limited adjustment which is another negative point of this monitor but you can mount this monitor on the wall. Connectivity options available are HDMI 1.4, 2.0 and have a display port. Now moving towards its gaming specifications, Using the display port you will get a refresh rate up to 144hz and it comes with a 4ms response time (GTG) which is decent enough.

Due to its AMD FREESYNC technology eliminate the choppy gameplay. So overall it has good gaming specifications but the response time in not 1ms but still gives you an immersive gaming experience.

Final Verdict

This Acer 49 inch monitor delivers clear results and comes with some advanced gaming specifications. It is also best monitor for software development and office-related work. The ergonomics are not good and color accuracy is average. The multitasking feature works well and it has narrow borders.

  • Picture quality is good
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • FREESYNC technology
  • Best for multitasking
  • Design is excellent
  • Display HDR 400
  • Limited adjustment

Comparison of Acer EI491CR with Asus XG49VQ

Both the monitors offer you a 144 Hz refresh rate and support FREESYNC technology. Acer and ASUS monitor has decent response time and the design of both monitors is good. Asus XG49VQ has an ergonomic stand while the Acer EI491CR stand is not ergonomic. On the ASUS monitor, you can comfortably sit for many hours due to its great eye care technology. For multitasking mostly people like the Acer monitor.

5.  Dell Ultra Sharp U4919DW (Best 49 Inch Monitor for Productivity)

dell large monitor


You need a 49 inch IPS monitor for office or other daily computing tasks then this dell monitor is the best option for you. It offers you amazing image quality and delivers you 178 degree wide viewing angles. The colors are vivid and when you look at the display from a side angle the image quality remains the same. This is also a good programming monitor, the aspect ratio is 32:9, and screen resolution is 5120 x 1440 pixels.

Due to its good pixel density, you can also comfortably read documents even the text size is small. The brightness value is 350 CD/M² which is good but the contrast ratio is average. It comes with height, tilt, swivel adjustment but pivot adjustment is not included. You can tilt this monitor from -5 to 21°, height adjustment range is from 0 to 90mm.

The colors accuracy is excellent and it has a 99% SRGB, so if you are a graphic designer then why not this monitor. This 49 inch curved monitor has comfort view mode, reduces the harmful blue light emissions, and due to its flicker-free screen prevents the screen from flickers. So in long work sessions, this monitor provides great eye comfort.

The design is awesome and comes with plenty of connectivity options such as a display port, HDMI, and USB type-c port. Picture-by-picture feature is included with this flicker-free monitor, so you can view the content from two different PC sources but no picture-in-picture mode. Some other features are, it is VESA mount compatible (100 X 100mm) and comes with the KVM feature.

Final Verdict

Overall this is one of the best 49 inch curved monitor for work and design-related tasks. The display quality is excellent and offers you a great wide viewing angle. The eye care technology works excellent and it is also the best monitor for reading constructions plans and blueprints. The stand has height adjustment but for gaming we do not recommend this monitor.

  • IPS panel
  • 178 degree wide viewing angle
  • Accurate colors
  • KVM feature
  • PBP mode
  • Height adjustment
  • Mediocre contrast ratio
  • No pivot adjustment

6. AOC AGON (Best 49 Inch Ultrawide Monitor)

120Hz 49 inch monitor


This curved gaming monitor comes with 1800R curvature delivers you an immersive viewing experience. It has a 1ms response time which is great and the refresh rate is 120 Hz gives you amazing smoothness in fast action games and eliminates ghosting. FREESYNC technology is available with this gaming monitor which synchronizes the frame rate of the monitor with GPU, offers you a tear-free gaming experience.

Screen resolution is 5120 X 1440 pixels, providing you high detail display result and the panel type is VA. The colors are not awesome as compared to IPS but still good from the TN panel and it has 90% adobe RGB and 121% of SRGB. Design is beautiful and due to its 1800R curvature reduces eye fatigue. The stand is height adjustable which you can easily adjust it for better viewing and it comes with a KVM switch.

In terms of connectivity, this monitor has 2 HDMI and a display port. As it has a VA panel, so the contrast ratio is great as compared to IPS technology which in result gives you brighter white and deep black. You can also use it for daily computing work and best for reading documents. The wide viewing angles are good as compared to the TN panel but not the same as IPS technology because there are some minor shifts when you look from different angles.

Final Verdict

This AOC monitor comes with good screen resolution and delivers a fast response time of 1ms. The refresh rate is also good and supports the FREESYNC technology. The monitor has a nice contrast ratio and the stand is height adjustable which you comfortably adjust.

The KVM switch is included, so you can control 2 PCs using a single monitor-keyboard mouse. This monitor is best for gaming and also for other computing tasks and great value for the price.

  • Picture quality is good
  • 1ms response time
  • Refresh rate is nice
  • Some user face issue using KVM feature
  • Menu is not good

Comparison of AOC monitor with Dell U4919DW

Dell monitor has an IPS panel and AOC monitor comes with VA panel, so dell monitor has excellent wide viewing angle and colors as compared to AOC monitor. For gaming, the AOC monitor is the best choice and for daily computing work, a dell computer monitor is the best. Height adjustment is included with both monitors.

7. Philips Brilliance 499P9H

monitor for work


This Philips monitor has 5120 X 1440 pixels screen resolution and comes with a 32:9 aspect ratio, giving you massive wide viewing. The advantage of having a super-wide monitor is, it delivers you a dual-screen area without the complicated setup. Panel type of this monitor is VA and it has a 1800R curvature. The pixel density is 109 PPI which is good, contrast ratio is 3000:1 and the brightness is great.

Due to its easy read and low blue light mode, you can comfortably read documents and minimize eye fatigue. This low blue light monitor also has a display HDR400, produces the amazing colors, brightness and contrast which gives you best visual experience. It is integrated with a built-in KVM switch, so you can quickly switch between sources. A built-in webcam is also included which is 2.0 megapixel and comes with two 5W built-in speakers.

The response time is 5ms (GTG) and refresh rate is 60 Hz only, so not an ideal monitor for playing modern games but its included an ADAPTIVE SYNC technology. Now moving towards the ergonomics, it has height adjustment which you can adjust up to 130mm and the tilt range is -5 to 10 degrees. Swivel adjustment is also included but no pivot adjustment.

On this 49 inch monitor, you will get the all-important connectivity ports and its USB type-c port delivers power up to 65W. Due to its good pixel density, you can use this monitor for software development work and other programming-related tasks.

 Final Verdict

The display result is clear and the best monitor for large spreadsheets. It comes with plenty of advanced specifications such as HDR, KVM switch, and having ADAPTIVE SYNC technology. The colors are not accurate as the IPS panel and it comes with an average refresh rate. Overall excellent value for the price and it has an ergonomic stand and beautiful design.

  • Crystal clear display
  • Height adjustment
  • USB-C port
  • Built-in speakers and webcam
  • Display HDR 400
  • Not for advance gaming
  • Some user not like KVM feature

Comparison of Philips 499P9H with AOC Monitor

Both the monitor offers you good pixel density and come with VA panel type. The AOC monitor is the best choice for gaming and the Philips monitor is ideal for reading documents, programming, and for other regular computing. Both the monitors allow height adjustment and come with plenty of connectivity options.

Panel Types

IPS Panel

In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel gives you a super wide viewing angle and it has excellent color performance. Due to a 178 degree wide viewing angle, when you look at the monitor from a skewed angle the display result and colors remain the same. The IPS panel is the best choice for home, office work, color-critical professional applications such as adobe illustrator.

The cons of IPS panel is, it comes with an average contrast ratio and IPS glow.

VA panel

The vertical alignment (VA) panel has a higher contrast ratio, the colors are decent but not excellent as the IPS panel. Monitor having a VA panel delivers the deeper black. They come with a good response time but not great as the TN panel. These monitors have a better wide viewing angle from the TN panel but not same as the IPS panel. VA Monitor is also good for home and office use and if response time is good you can also use it for gaming.

TN panel

Twisted Nematic (TN) panels are liked by gamers because they have excellent response time and refresh rate. Color accuracy and wide viewing are average as compared to the IPS and VA panels. TN monitor is not recommended for graphic designing and for other color-critical work but you can use it for daily computing work.

What is refresh rate and response time?

Refresh rate is the number of times the display refreshes in a second and its unit is in Hz. If you have a 144hz monitor, your display refreshes 144 times in one second. Response time is, how fast a pixel change from one color to other. Lower response time is best for example 1ms response time is good as compared to 2ms.

What features are important for home or office Work?

For home and office work, you don’t need a monitor which has excellent response time and refresh rate. If you mostly read documents then go for that monitor which has high screen resolution and comes with good eye care technology. Eye care technology is very important because it minimizes eye fatigue and gives you amazing eye comfort.

Monitor which has a screen split feature is also a good choice because you can easily do your multitasking, increase productivity.

Conclusion of Best 49 Inch Curved Monitor

Large monitors are the best choice if you don’t like a dual monitor setup. On a large curved monitor, you can comfortably do your multitasking work, and give you an excellent immersive viewing experience. If you are looking for a reading monitor then go for that monitor which has good screen resolution. For gaming go with a high refresh rate and good response time and included FREESYNC technology.

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