You are confused is 75hz good for a gaming monitor or not, you are at the right place. Picking a gaming monitor with a good refresh rate gives you many advantages, such as smooth gameplay and low input lag. Refresh rate is the number of times a screen refreshes per second. A high refresh rate means the image more frequently refreshes per second, and its unit is Hz.

What is a 75Hz Monitor?

When you have a 75Hz monitor, the image refreshes 75 times per second to show a new image. Monitor with 75 Hz reduces the flicker and gives you good image quality in fast-moving scenes compared to a lower refresh rate. 

Is 75Hz Good for a Gaming Monitor?

Yes, 75 Hz is a good option for playing different modern games. It gives you a smooth gaming experience compared to a 60 Hz refresh rate. A high refresh rate means that the display will update more frequently, therefore more responsive experience in the fast-moving games. Monitor with a 75 Hz refresh rate display 15 more frames per second than a 60 Hz monitor.

For the best gaming experience, your monitor also has a lower response time and equipped with FREESYNC or G-SYNC technology. If your monitor has a good refresh rate but response time is not great, and FREESYNC technology is missing, you will not get a good gaming experience. To summarize, 75Hz is a reasonable refresh rate for a gaming monitor. It’s not the highest, such as 144 Hz, but it’s better than a 60 Hz monitor.

Is 75Hz Good For FPS Games?

A 75 Hz refresh rate is considered to be a decent choice for FPS games. On a 75 Hz, you will get a good gaming experience but not great compared to 144 or 165 Hz. If you don’t have a budget problem, I recommend the 144 Hz or higher refresh rate for the FPS game. Monitor with a higher refresh rate has a low input lag and minimizes the motion blur.

Is 75Hz Good for a Gaming Monitor

Difference between 75 Hz vs 144 Hz

Refresh rate is the number of times the screen refreshes in a second to show the next image. Therefore a 75 Hz monitor refreshes 75 times in a second, and a 144 Hz monitor refreshes 144 times per second. A monitor with a high refresh rate means the image on the screen is more frequently updated, so the viewing experience on a higher refresh rate monitor is smoother.

If you play fast-paced action games and want amazing experience than 144 HZ refresh rate is better than 75 Hz. The reason is less input lag, image appears smoother, and you also get an advantage over your opponents with a lower refresh rate. You should have a strong GPU to utilize the higher refresh rate, such as 144, or 240 Hz. A 75 Hz is a good refresh rate for games, but a 144 Hz monitor gives you the best gaming experience in fast-action games.

Other things to consider

  • Good response time is also very important for the best gaming experience in fast-paced games. The lower the response time, the more motion clarity in games. 1 ms response time is better than 5 ms, so when selecting the gaming monitor, always have a lower response time.
  • FREESYNC and G-SYNC technology minimize screen stuttering. This technology also gives you smooth performance in games.

Is it worth buying a 75Hz Monitor?

If you are looking for a budget gaming monitor with a decent refresh rate, then yes 75 Hz is a good choice. It gives you a smoother experience and less motion blur than 60 Hz.

What are the benefits of a higher refresh rate?

A higher refresh rate reduces motion blur, giving you a better gaming experience and a comfortable viewing experience.

Final thoughts on is 75hz good for a Gaming Monitor

Yes, a 75 Hz is a decent choice if you have a limited budget and looking for a slightly higher refresh rate than 60 Hz. A 75 Hz monitor gives a better gaming experience than 60 Hz but not excellent as a 144 Hz or 240 Hz refresh rate.