My 144Hz Monitor is only Showing 60Hz

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You have a monitor that supports the 144 Hz refresh rate, but you are stuck at 60Hz then you are at the right place.

In this guide, we are sharing some best solutions for your question why my 144hz monitor is only showing 60hz refresh rate. If you have a 144 Hz monitor but playing games with 60 Hz, you will not get a smooth gaming experience. 

A 60 Hz monitor refreshes images 60 times in one second, and a 144 Hz monitor refreshes the images 144 times.

my 144hz monitor is only showing 60hz

In this guide, we cover the most common problems due which this problem occurred, and you will learn how to fix the issue.

1. Set Monitor to 144 Hz 

The most common reason for this problem is, your monitor by default set to 60 Hz. I also faced this problem when I bought the new 144 Hz monitor for gaming because my new monitor default setting is 60 Hz.

Switch Monitor to 144 Hz Refresh Rate

  • Right-click on the desktop.
  • Click on the display settings.
  • Then go to advanced display settings.
  • You notice the refresh rate value, if the refresh rate is 60Hz then change it to 144hz.
  • Click on display adaptor properties.
  • A new window will open and go to the monitor tab.
  • You will see the drop-down menu.
  • Click on it and select the 144hz refresh rate.

Check Cables

If your problem is still not fixed, check the cables because old cables don’t handle the high refresh rate. Most old HDMI cables only supports the 60 Hz refresh rate. For a 144hz refresh rate, HDMI 2.0 or a display port is the best choice.

Some other Reasons are

  • If the monitor is 144 Hz, then GPU also gives you the 144fps (frames per second) otherwise you will not get the 144 Hz refresh rate experience.
  • Check the graphic drives are updated or not.
  • You can also check if the cables are connected correctly or not.
  • If you are using cheap cables then this problem also occurs.

Is 144Hz Monitor worth it for gaming

The 144 Hz monitor is the best choice for gaming and fast-moving scenes. Due to the high refresh rate, you will get a responsive gaming experience, lower the input lag, and reduce screen tearing and ghosting. If you have a 144 Hz monitor, you also get an advantage over your opponents who use a 60 Hz refresh rate monitor.

Final Thoughts on why my 144hz monitor is only showing 60hz

The main reason for this problem is, your monitor is set to 60 Hz by default, so change it to 144 Hz. If you only do regular computing work, then 60Hz is also ok, but for a smooth gaming experience 144 Hz monitor is required.

After reading this guide, we hope you have found the solution.

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