24 vs 27 Inch Monitor Size: which is Better

24 vs 27 inch computer monitor

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If you are confused between 24 vs 27 Inch monitor size for gaming or other computing tasks, you are at the right place. This guide discusses the pros, cons of 24 and 27-inch monitors and mentions which screen resolution is best.

The only factor you should consider is the screen resolution and how far you are sitting from the screen. There is no specific rule which monitor size is best. If you are comfortable with small size monitor, then go with 24 inches monitor. If you like a large display, then a 27-inch monitor is most suitable for you. The only thing you should always keep in mind is the screen resolution.

24 vs 27 inch monitor

24 Inch Monitor

A 24-inch monitor is ideal for basic computing work and if you have limited desk space. You are looking for a 1080p monitor, then a 24-inch monitor is also the best option compared to a 27-inch monitor.

The pixel density of a 24-inch monitor with a 1080p screen resolution is roughly 91 PPI which is good. Pixel density indicates how many pixels per inch are displayed on a monitor. Therefore you will get a clear display result.

If you have a 27-inch monitor with 1080p, then the image will be pixelated that is why most users prefer a 24-inch monitor with 1920 X 1080 pixel screen resolution. A 24-inch monitor is an ideal option for FPS games because you can comfortably see all the action happening at once.

They are affordable compared to a 27-inch monitor but for multitasking and reading large documents not the best choice. For the best viewing experience, you have to sit closer. You can also find the 24-inch monitor with a higher screen resolution but reading small text is difficult.

  • Good for limited desk space
  • Best option for FPS games
  • Affordable
  • Not for large spreadsheets
  • Not good for multitasking

27 Inch Monitor

The best screen resolution for a 27-inch monitor is 2560 X 1440 pixels, or you can go with a higher resolution. Most users like the 27-inch monitor with a 1440p screen resolution due to its 108 pixel density. It gives you excellent picture quality and allows you more screen space compared to a 24-inch monitor. The 27-inch monitor is also suitable for 4k resolution and for gaming purposes.

For reading large documents and excel spreadsheets, the 27-inch monitor is much better than a 24-inch monitor. You can more comfortably do the multitask on the 27-inch monitor. For the best viewing experience, you have to sit further away. If you have a 27-inch monitor with 1920 X 1080 pixel screen resolution, you will get 81 PPI, so the picture is pixelated.

  • Best for high resolution
  • Good option for reading large documents
  • Best for multitasking
  • More viewing space
  • Large desk space is required
  • Expensive compared to 24 inch monitor


Final Thoughts on 24 vs 27 Inch Monitor

If you want a 24-inch monitor then 1080p screen resolution is best. For 27 inch monitor, we recommend the 1440p screen resolution, and it is also best for reading and multitasking. Both monitor sizes are best for gaming, but a 24-inch monitor gives you more best gaming experience in FPS games compared to a 27-inch monitor.

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